Our Story

A little bit about us...

Shibui Music is Simon, Will and Bill.


We’re sound designers, composers and music producers as well as touring DJ’s, instrumentalists and music lovers.


We’re lucky that music is our work and our play. Whether digging through the depths of Spotify or playing sets at festivals, we’re constantly immersed in sounds across the spectrum.


We strive to create the perfect music and sound to elevate and unleash a creative and even in those situations where words and visuals don’t quite cut it, we make music that speaks.

Simon Whitehead

Simon’s music career has been long and eventful: At the tender age of 16 he was snapped up by Island Records as the drummer for a follow-up teen band to ‘Busted’.

His teenage dream didn’t quite work out but he soon got over it and has since had his fingers in just about every pie in the music biz.

He is a highly talented DJ playing at club nights and festivals across Europe, music producer, events promoter, label manager and co-founder of Shibui Music.

Simon is the driving force behind the company and brings his many talents and unfaltering ambition to the floor.

Will Wadham

A co-founder of Shibui Music with Simon, whom he met at University, Will is also an adept composer for film, documentary and theatre under his own flag. With a keen interest in the power of music to capture an image or convey drama, he takes influence from film and classical/neo-classical composers past and present.

As well as this, Will is also deeply involved in the electronic music scene: an accomplished DJ on the London nightclub circuit, co-founder of a number of successful events and festivals and with a show on Netil Radio as duo ‘Noww’, Will draws from his passion and knowledge of electronic music and influences his work.

Will is a member of Peckham Levels: a hub of creatives in South East London, where he has a studio.

Bill Francis

Bill is a highly accomplished and versatile composer and sound designer who is comfortable working in a range of genres. From full orchestral compositions to the most minimal sound design pieces, his music has featured in many programmes and adverts broadcast across BBC 1, BBC 2, Channel 4, Channel 5 and UKTV Eden, amongst others.

Under the alias ‘Kry Wolf’, Bill has toured America, Australia, Europe and performed in pretty much every city in the UK as an electronic music producer and DJ, which gives him a rare combination of skills as a performing musician and a broad understanding of many types of music.