Solo listening without headphones?


Technology is moving scarily fast! It’s honestly mind-boggling that ideas we could only dream of, are fast becoming realities. VR and AR are becoming more widely used and don’t even get me started on 3D printing.

The concept that baffles me the most is the idea we can rid ourselves of seemingly insignificant, day-to-day problems that we would either complain about or just ignore.

For example, have you ever been wearing headphones for so long that your head starts to hurt, or your ears sting from the pressure? Imagine if there was a way to eradicate these issues, but still ensure nobody else could hear what you were listening to.

Believe it or not, Israeli startup company Noveto, have developed a device that can send sound right to your ears without the need for headphones! Crazy, right?

So, how does it work? Won’t all my colleagues know that I’ve been listening to my throwback RnB playlist on repeat, for the last hour?

Well, as it turns out, no.

Noveto Sowlo, a small device similar to a Bluetooth speaker, connects to the audio output device and with the use of 3D-tracking technology, locates your ears and emits the sound directly to them.

Not sure if I’d trust it straight away, but I’d definitely be up for testing it out.


Georgia Bromley

Marketing Assistant @ Shibui