We’re sound designers, composers and music producers as well as touring DJ’s, instrumentalists and music lovers.

We’re lucky that music is our work and our play. Whether digging through the depths of Spotify or playing sets at festivals, we’re constantly immersed in sounds across the spectrum.

We strive to create the perfect music and sound to elevate and unleash a creative. Sometimes, there are situations where words and visuals don’t quite convey the intended emotion, so we make music that speaks.

“Shibui Music are one of our go-to composers, quite simply because they’re better across the board. They make sure they understand the brief before starting, and collaborate throughout the process to ensure they deliver a sound that unleashes the potential of our creative.”

William Millner & Tom CleelandSaatchi & Saatchi

“Shibui are always our first port of call for any project. Between their team of composers, they seem to have everything covered and make the whole process incredibly simple and painless. Most importantly of all, our clients always love their work!”

Bart FrankObjekt Films

“Shibui Music have versatile, professional, but above all talented composers. There have been many instances where I have given them a brief and the very first track they send back has been approved by the client for the final cut, without any changes. They are fast, highly creative and a pleasure to work with!”

Tom MurrayTactic Films